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What we do

We offer strong authentication services for users who need to be sure of their identity on the servers they use. We encrypt all your data and only allow you to access it. Our technology allows you to have security on who accesses your IT resources..

  • Strong login authentication
  • Encrypted storage area
  • Document encription to save or print

Protecting your personal or business data is very important and necessary, especially for those who travel or work outside the office. With our protection systems, only you can read your data and have a dedicated encrypted repository in which to save your sensitive data

AUTH provides you with a secure authentication system for your users. We check, upon request, the identity documents and proof of residence, we carry out access controls to avoid the theft of credentials. We offer you a banking or military level authentication system, it depends on how you connect to the authentication system.

Make your WordPress-based site safe like a bank. Our plugin completely replaces the WordPress authentication system and uses the authentication system of our service.

You can save your encrypted documents in your storage area, nobody can read them, not even us. Print them wherever you are using our secure cloud printing service. Just provide the barcode received by email and your control code to access all your files to print.

Need file recovery?

You can make an encrypted backup of your important data or your entire HardDisk and restore it via an ISO image whenever necessary.



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