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SSOLO AUTH the innovative secure authentication services GDPR compliant

AUTH provides you with all those services necessary to make your site safe and compliant with the latest privacy laws. Today it is very important to be sure of the identity of the users who frequent our site. It is even more important to keep our users sensitive data safe.

Authentication server

Remote authentication provides an access service with a high degree of security and compliant with privacy rules.
Your site may have a level of security comparable to that of the military and have the sensitive data of your users jealously kept.
If you have a WordPress site you have used our plugin and make your site immediately secure as a bank.

Customer verification

Having the certainty that one of our users is actually him and not a fraudster or an attacker is very important.
All users who will be registered on AUTH will be verified by validating their identity documents.
Thanks to the collaboration with Passbase we can verify the identity of your users in a very short time.

Data protection

All user data is stored encrypted, through multiple keys, on our servers.
We cannot access this data either, and only with the permission of the owner can it be viewed.
If an internet service connects to AUTH you won't have to worry about verifying its customers, we will do it for you.

When a user registers in AUTH, the system performs many checks aimed at ensuring the identification of the person.
In addition to requesting the insertion of data such as name, surname, address, etc., the system will ask you to insert a proof of residence and subsequently, after verifying the email, an identity document.
Why are you asked to insert the identity document via a link sent to the email entered by the user?
Simply to make sure that John Smitt is really asking to register and to avoid having stolen documents uploaded, for example.
Auth records and checks if the emails are blacklisted and after various checks, if there are no reports regarding the email address, it sends the link to load the identity document.
Usually this procedure is completed in less than thirty seconds but, for some countries, it may take up to two days.
Once the user is verified and adheres to the KYC regulations (Know your customer), the account on AUTH will be made active and usable by the providers connected to our service.

All users on AUTH are verified and secure.